Product Release v1.10 December 2022-1

Our v1.10 release is foundational for helping our users get prefabrication information faster. We added new features and functionalities to our product and enhanced our Assembly Configurator for you to build your assemblies faster. We have been focused on strengthening the cohesive information flow across your departments, such as design and prefabrication, while we get closer to help users do end-to-end branch work on AECInspire.

What is New?

- Make bulk changes to assembly properties: Filter, sort, and search the assembly properties, and make changes to multiple assemblies at once. Updating critical items like the device's height allows the program to update the length of the EMT or MC connected to that device.

  • With this functionality, if a change order comes through the design, your prefab teams don't have to jump through hoops of manual material information updates; they can now keep the project materials up-to-date automatically.  

What is Enhanced?

We are constantly improving our users' experience. We enhanced some of our existing features for you to easily use and share material information with prefab shops and field foreman. Here are some of our recent enhancements: 

- Quick parts list updates in 2D Assembly Configurator: You can select multiple assemblies and quickly update the parts list for similar assemblies in one click.

  •  E.g., If you run into a change order that affects the depth of the mudrings, this allows you to quickly make your updates to the assemblies

- Connection Properties: You can now update the connection types on your assemblies faster, even after you place the assembly. 

  • E.g., Changing your connection runs from MC to 3/4'' EMT and having AECInspire update the connection lengths automatically, so you don't have to do it manually

- Easy to filter, sort, edit, and save legend tables: You can now easily customize the legend table with the information your installers need to see. 

  • E.g., Having a dynamic legend table ensures your quantities remain on a legend if you make changes to layout and design

- Annotation tags for Quantities, 2D drawing view, and build sheets: Different people need different information across the prefab shop, field, or office. Each user can now differentiate the annotation tags based on their workflows and the tag format they are used to seeing in their role. 

- Other updates include bug fixes, easier assembly placement and navigation, and improvements to Build Sheets.

With this release, we delivered a stronger connection between design and  prefabrication through our Assembly Configurator. This will help you create and manage the information you need for your prefabricated assemblies, so your designers and prefab shops can spend less time figuring out what materials they need and more time ensuring delivery and installation efficiency.

Our software encapsulates the experience of expert electricians and helps electrical contractors address the skilled labor shortage. We constantly roll out new features to help you maximize your software ROI, increase your profits and win more work. Stay tuned for the next release! That said, this is also the last stop before our next big release that will help our users do their end-to-end branch circuitry work faster.

Feel free to schedule a conversation to discover how AECInspire's software and services can increase your profits this year!